Building a Data-Driven Culture

Organizations have the greatest opportunity for success when various parts of the company are working cohesively towards a common goal — this is especially true for operations and finance within a home health agency or hospice. While individuals in these roles often approach their day-to-day work from a different perspective and background, there is a lot of room for communication, collaboration, and coordination to provide the highest level of care and optimal organizational results. Data can become the common language spoken across departments that allows your organization to reach its strategic goals. During this session, the presenters will provide recommendations for the most valuable and critical metrics, effective approaches to analyze the data, and strategies for communicating the role each department and individual plays in driving the data and the results. This session will allow agencies to build a data-driven culture that promotes accountability and teamwork that can help operational and finance leaders work together to drive organizational success.

  • Details: 10:15-11:45 AM, Citron West

  • Faculty: Christina Lang, SimiTree Healthcare Consulting