HR: Leading In & Through the Pandemic Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, likely forever. More businesses than ever have grown comfortable with the idea of a remote workforce and have shifted office staff and others to permanent remote work. Furthermore, employees are looking to stay with or transfer to companies that will allow them the flexibility of working from home, having realized the value of remote work. A remote workforce has its own challenges, however — how do you know your remote workers are satisfied? Are you getting the feedback needed from your team to ensure the continued success of your agency? Join seasoned HR professional Greg Henderson as he shares his expertise in creating a company culture that will inspire feedback from staff, thereby increasing employee engagement and lowering turnover.

Attendees of this workshop will gain insight into best hiring practices; boost overall performance through Key Result Area (KRAs); improve morale and engagement with a well-designed feedback strategy; and learn how unconventional methods of attracting and retaining the next group of employees is needed.