Joe Osentoski

Senior Consultant, Gateway Home Health Coding & Consulting

Joe Osentoski, BAS, RN-BC, is Senior Consultant at Gateway Home Health Coding & Consulting in Michigan, specializing in Additional Documentation Request (ADR) response and appeals. Joe’s career has included clinical consulting in home health and hospice with a focus on clinical quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

He also has extensive experience with audits, probes, and reviews from all types of Medicare contractors, including Medicare Administrative Contractors, Unified Program Integrity Contractors, Recovery Audit Contractors, Supplemental Medical Review Contractors, the Office of the Inspector General, Comprehensive Error Rate Testing, Medicare Advantage, as well as private insurers. Joe has completed over 5,000 ADRs in home health and hospice, filed thousands of appeals, and represented agencies in hundreds of Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings. Impressively, Joe has been lauded by retired U.S. Administrative Law Judge Robert Soltis in his book, How to Handle Your Medicare Hearing, writing that he "was one of the first non-attorney representatives to appear before me…and he stands head and shoulders above every other non-attorney representative." Further, Judge Soltis wrote that Joe "knows home health law, and prepares thoroughly. His credibility is beyond reproach.”

Joe is the author of Home Health ADR & Appeals Answers, First Edition, which was recently published by DecisionHealth. He is a past contributor to Home Health Line and Eli's Home Care Week.

A registered nurse for over 28 years, Joe also holds a board certification in gerontological nursing from the American Nursing Credentialing Center.