Managing Home Health for Ongoing Success with IMPACT Act Changes: Targets to Address for Performance in the Value Era (Part 1 of 2)

IMPACT Act reforms have altered the home health industry under the Medicare Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), and the changes will continue over the next few years. Providers have modified care processes in response to these Value Reforms, but most agencies struggle in terms of clinical outcomes and financial margins. Clinical staff hasn’t internalized the volume to value shift, and what that means operationally in terms of care delivery. Competition for patients will continue to increase, and what we do with patients in terms of outcomes is more important than ever. Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) recommendations for IMPACT Act implementation outline goals for the home health of tomorrow, but most providers are still on the path to rewiring for PDGM success. Many front-line clinicians haven’t internalized the changes, and historical home health behaviors compromise value outcomes and fiscal margins. Considering that future IMPACT Act reforms build on PDGM processes for increasingly efficient episodes, it is essential to hard-wire value protocols today.

Where are the opportunities to drill down PDGM processes for immediate improvements that deliver improved clinical and financial outcomes? How are your outcomes compromised at different points in the intake to discharge phase? What areas of your agency will you find are working in opposition to PDGM goals and processes based on legacy home health behaviors? How do your veteran clinicians perform under the new value models? Have you established value-based metrics to assure your PDGM processes continue to evolve? This two-part progressive presentation addresses these questions that will define home health success today and tomorrow. Case studies, PDGM outcome data, clinical staff immersion, back office, and in-episode care management are just a few of the areas we will examine for value era opportunities. Under the PDGM, efficient clinical management produces improved clinical and financial results, and this session will start you and your agency on that path today!

  • Details: 11:00-11:50 AM, Citron North-Central (Part 2 will continue at 1:00 PM for 50 minutes in Citron North-Central)

  • Faculty: Arnie Cisneros & Kimberly McCormick, Home Health Strategic Management