À La Carte Opportunities

Check out the (even more) ways below to put your organization front and center for attendees at HomeCareCon. Opportunities include featuring your organization's logo and branding on power charging stations, multiple ways to advertise (both onsite/in-person and digitally), and getting in front of attendees (happy hour, anyone?!).

These opportunities may be purchased individually. Interested organizations are encouraged to reserve sponsorships and advertising as soon as possible — many of these benefits are preferentially awarded by order of commitment and there is limited space and opportunities available for some of the benefits. Please note that all prices quoted below are at the HCAF member rate. Prospective members may sponsor and/or advertise; however, rates are double the fees listed below. For more information about HCAF membership, click here. To express interest in an opportunity listed below, please call (850) 222-8967 or email us.


A happy hour event for attendees and sponsoring vendors at which the vendors have the opportunity to get exposure to all of our attendees. This event offers less competition and more quality time when mingling with providers (and a chance to get the last word in with them!). Sponsors have the option to set up a table top display, be included in the promotion of this free event for attendees, and interact with attendees during this reception. Each sponsor will be given a draped table and two chairs to use in their area. The fee entitles sponsors to two staffers at the table; the cost for each additional staffer is $100. There is no access to power during this event; fees for this event do not include any applicable audio/visual expenses or special catering expenses that sponsors may wish HCAF to arrange on their behalf. Due to space limitations, this sponsor opportunity will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost to attend this happy hour event only without a table top display is $100 per person for members.

  • Pricing: $250

B. Attendee Pocket Map

Logo and marketing message would be the only one on the pocket map and schedule that is distributed to all attendees upon arrival to the conference. This handy resource is frequently referred to by attendees throughout the conference to keep track of all events and education programs.

  • Pricing: $2,500 (All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than July 13, 2020.)

C. Attendee WiFi

Exclusive sponsorship would include a custom redirect hyperlink to the website of the sponsor's choice, as well as signage throughout the conference area. Sponsors of portions of WiFi are recognized on signage within their sponsored area.

  • Pricing: Exclusive for the entire conference area and all attendees ($13,000),​ or non-exclusive sponsorship by WiFi coverage area as follows:

    • General session rooms: $6,500

    • Breakout session rooms: $6,500

​D. Audio/Visual (AV) Sponsorship

For the gift of sight and sound, your organization will be featured in a video presentation that loops between education programs and in common areas the entire four days of HomeCareCon.

  • Pricing: $250 (All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than August 5, 2020. The landscape format advertisement dimensions are 13.333 inches by 7.5 inches.)

E. Awards Ceremony Sponsor

Since 2013, HCAF has recognized home care professionals for their dedication to the provision of quality home care and for their exemplary service to those they serve. These individuals don’t just represent home care, rather, they are the essence of home care. By sponsoring the Excellence in Home Care Awards ceremony, a representative of your organization is introduced and given the opportunity to give a brief overview of your products and services, and speak about how you are pleased to help recognize outstanding performance, etc. The sponsoring organization is part of the awards ceremony alongside HCAF's President Denise Bellville, and is given the opportunity to pose for a photo with award recipients. Following the ceremony, a press release with photo will be submitted to award recipients' local news outlet(s). Additionally, HCAF will recognize your organization as a sponsor on its website, in the members-only biweekly email newsletter (sent to more than 3,000 Florida home care professionals), and on social media channels (more than 4,000 followers). Past sponsors include Home Health Solutions, LLC (2019), Brach Eichler LLC (2018), The Transitive Group (2016-2017), and Alternatives, A Consulting & Education Service (2013-2016).

  • Pricing: $2,500


Promote your organization's products and services with an advertisement in the official HomeCareCon brochure! The brochure mailed to every Florida home health agency at least two months in advance of the conference, as well as provided onsite to every attendee. The brochure includes a comprehensive program schedule, with education program overviews, speaker information, and more.

  • Pricing: $750 for full page; $500 for half page; $250 for quarter page (All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than June 1, 2020 and sized based on letter paper size.)

G. Directional Sign Advertisement

Help attendees navigate their way throughout the conference, plus get your organization noticed! Sponsors' organization logo will be printed in full color on signs sized at 24 inches by 28 inches.

  • Pricing: $65 each (All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than July 13, 2020.)

H. Email Blast Advertisement

Feature your organization's logo (hyperlinked to the website of your choice) in HomeCareCon-related email blasts — our email list totals more than 10,000 recipients!

  • Pricing: $600 for all email blasts; $50 for individual blasts

I. Hotel Room Key Advertisement

After education programs wrap for the day, get your organization some face time by advertising your logo on every attendee's hotel room key! Don't delay…this advertisement is exclusive to one sponsor only!

  • Pricing: $4,000 (The deadline to secure this sponsorship opportunity is July 2, 2020. All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than July 9, 2020.)

J. Power Charging Station (CLICK HERE TO VIEW A RENDERING)

HCAF will place four charging stations throughout the convention center in high traffic spots. These stations are highly utilized at conventions and trade shows and offer attendees charging abilities for phones and other electronics, while at the same time offering the sponsor brand recognition. Market your business with your own artwork on a charging station!

  • Pricing: $1,000 per station (The deadline to secure this sponsorship is July 6, 2020. All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than July 13, 2020.)

K. Speaker/Education Program Sponsorship

Is there a particular speaker or topic you would like to sponsor? Sponsors gain additional exposure by introducing your organization, a representative, and the speaker.

  • Pricing: $10 per attendee for full-day workshop; $5 per attendee for conference education programs (costs are billed after the specific program based on attendance)


L. Stacking Cube Advertisement (CLICK HERE TO VIEW A RENDERING)

Promote your organization's products and services on a three-tiered informational display that will be placed in a prominent location in the conference area.

  • Pricing: Exclusive sponsorship includes all three tiers of the display, or sponsors may purchase a single cube or individual sides based on the rendering. (All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than July 13, 2020.)

    • Exclusive/all three tiers: $2,500

    • Per cube: $900

    • Per side: $250​


L. Website Advertisement

Add your organization's logo (hyperlinked to the website of your choice) featured on the conference website home page!

  • Pricing: $600

M. Welcome Guide Advertisement

Promote your organization's products and services in the official attendee welcome guide, which includes a comprehensive program schedule, education program overviews, speaker information, exhibitor directory, and more.

  • Pricing: $750 for full page; $500 for half page; $250 for quarter page (All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than July 13, 2020 and sized based on letter paper size.)

N. Welcome Packet Insert Advertisement

Purchase a handout flyer to be included in attendee welcome packet, which includes the official conference brochure, the attendee welcome guide, SWAG, and other materials to ensure a successful and productive conference experience.

  • Pricing: $250​ (All artwork must be received by HCAF no later than July 31, 2020. Please provide 750 handouts.)


We accept donated items on a first-come, first-commitment basis. Would your company be willing to donate 750 of any of the following items for attendee supplies? These items can have your organization's logo, name, contact information, and other marketing information imprinted on them, and they will be provided to attendees at check-in. If your organization does not already have branded items to donate, please contact us for assistance. Items we are seeking to provide to all attendees are listed below. Have another fun giveaway idea? Contact us!

Tote bags

Pocket folders


Padfolios (or pads of 8.5" by 5.5" note paper)

Hand sanitizer 🙃


Bottled water

Water bottles

Snacks (e.g., protein bars, candy, or other edible goods)

Post-it notes


Stress balls


Door prizes


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