Petria McKelvey-Pierre

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Precision Medical Billing

Petria McKelvey-Pierre is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Precision Medical Billing (PMB), a leading provider of customized medical billing and auditing solutions for home health and hospice agencies, physicians, and hospitals across the U.S. With 31 years of experience in the medical billing industry, Petria’s expertise runs wide and deep. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of private practitioners and health care organizations solve their billing challenges and recover millions of dollars in lost revenues to keep their doors not only open, but profitable. To date, she has personally performed more than 1,000 audits and revenue recoveries nationwide. Petria's passion is to take care of providers by ensuring they have successful revenue cycle management so they can get back to their patients. PMB's mission is to get providers every dime they deserve.